The kindest person ever. Hundreds of saved dogs

In 1997, together with his mom Degan opened an animal shelter, which continues to function and give new life to this day.
Degan and his mother Svetlana modestly began their charity work: at first they simply fed stray animals in their village called Kumik. In 1997 they founded their own dog shelter «Vucjak».

Unfortunately, several years later, Degan’s mother died, and the man took over the management of the orphanage. To do such a thing on your own is not easy, especially when you have hundreds of tailed pupils who need food, love and care every day. But Degan does very well — and the dogs like him. In 2014, Degan decided to expand his field of activity, and in addition to dogs, to take care of wolves. He got land in the Gledik Mountains and built a sanctuary for wolves.

The wolf is the national animal of Serbia, however, these predators are currently threatened with extinction — they are in great danger because of poachers. The Refuge de l’homme keeps afloat not only thanks to its daily investments and efforts, but also thanks to the donations of hundreds of caring people.

Thank you to this person for saving small lives!

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