A 23-year-old mother gave birth to quintuplets, which are born once every 480 years. How they look today

The couple was informed that they would have more than one little one, but did not yet know “how much more” one. Both parents had twins in the family, and they guessed that they could be the successors of the “family tradition”. And even create their own!

At the very first ultrasound, they were told that there was more than one cub. Morally, they were already preparing for twins or triplets. They didn’t realize that “it’s not accurate”. The doctor called Alexandra for a second diagnosis to clarify the number of embryos. The clarification showed that Alexandra was wearing four of them.

A few months later, they discover that they will have five little ones. “When we finally found the fifth head, I started crying. » At the time of delivery, the doctor made sure that everything was going well, so there were 40 staff members.

4 boys and 1 girl were born. Their names were Danielle, Michael, Alex and Martin, and the daughter was Teresa. This is the first case of natural conception of five twins in the Czech Republic.

Quintuples are born on average once every 480 years. The cubs turned out to be healthy, and now photos of their growth regularly appear on the network. Everyone is trying to help the couple in every possible way. People send children’s things, money and gifts. The authorities of the city of Milovice donated an apartment to the family.

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