A good example of kindness. The boy was taking double portion of lunch to school. And here was the reason

American schoolboy Ilan Duran from the state of New Mexico for several months asked his mother Josette to give him a double portion of lunches to school.

It turned out that all this time the boy shared his grievances with another student of the school, who did not eat because his family lived in poverty.

“Mom, I give this food to a little boy at school.

He sits hungry every time, and for the whole day all his food is a glass of sweet water,” said the mother of the compassionate Dylan.

The story was widely publicized and the poor boy’s mother met with Dylan’s mother.

“The boy’s mother offered me money for my son to feed her baby, but I couldn’t accept it.

She said that she had only recently found a job, so their family had nothing to eat.

Until recently, my son and I also lived in poverty.

We didn’t have a house, we lived in a car, we had nothing to eat.

I know what it’s like,” said Josette Durand.

To thank Dylan, the school started fundraising and raised $ 400 for him, but the compassionate child spent this money on the needs of other students.

“We paid all the money bills of the children who owed money for lunch so that none of them would starve,” said Josette Durand.

“Now no one in this school owes any money and everyone can eat.”

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