A gypsy approached my son, who was sleeping in his crib, and whispered something to him. It wasn’t until 26 years later that I understood the meaning of her words, and I shuddered.

While everyone is afraid and shies away from gypsies, I have a story about how one gypsy woman literally changed my life and the life of my son. When my baby was born, for some reason, my relationship with my husband started to deteriorate rapidly, and when our son turned 2, we decided to separate.
My husband’s official salary was laughable, and the child support payments were even more laughable. He lived comfortably on his meager income, while we barely scraped by. Overall, life after the separation was tough for us.

One day, a gypsy woman knocked on my door. She asked for help, and I couldn’t refuse her because she had a child in her arms. “Don’t be afraid that I’ll curse you or steal something,” she said. “Those are just stereotypes.” I replied, “There’s nothing for you to steal from me, and I don’t believe in superstitions.” I gave the gypsy woman a huge bag of children’s clothing that my son had outgrown, along with a small bag of clothes that I never wore. She asked how she could repay me, and I stood there, unable to think of anything.

Then the gypsy woman approached my son in his crib and whispered something to him. “This is for shared love,” she said with a smile. At that time, I didn’t believe that it would have any impact on my child, but I was wrong. My son is now 28, and he is loved by everyone, wherever he goes.
He quickly finds common ground with absolutely everyone, never gets into conflicts, and has never had or has enemies. This miracle happened to us because of my small act of kindness. And it goes to show that one should not shy away from gypsies.

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