A poor man gives the old woman his last pair of shoes: the next day he receives something no one could have expected.

Max Wilson, 55, enthusiastically washed dishes as he looked out the small window of the kitchen of an Italian restaurant in a cold New York City under a light snowfall. He noticed that the people on the street were having fun, and thought that perhaps they did not have the same worries as he did – his mother was ill, and he was working extra hours to cope with financial difficulties.

“Someday everything will change for me too. Hope certainly brings change,” Max said to himself as he finished his work and looked out into the cold cityscape.

The life of Max, a dishwasher in a restaurant, boiled down to two things: washing dishes and the desire to cope with responsibilities. Sometimes, when he had some free time, his boss would send him to the tables to take orders, which sometimes earned him extra tips.

On one of these days, when there was not enough staff, the boss asked him to take orders. But then Max saw an old woman near the restaurant, stunned and with a suitcase. “What happened to her?” — Max asked himself, looking at her.

“Table 9, Max!” – the chef’s voice rang out, and, having finished serving the order, Max noticed that the old woman remained in place. He realized that she lacked suitable clothing for the cold and immediately felt obligated to help.

Max’s heart filled with sympathy for the elderly woman, and he decided to approach her. Leaving the restaurant, he asked the waiter to take his orders.

“May I assist you, ma’am?” he inquired as he approached. “Are you waiting for someone?”

With hope in her eyes, the woman responded, “Yes, my son was supposed to pick me up, but he got stuck at work. I needed a place to wait, but I’m unfamiliar with the city.”

“You’ve encountered the right person, ma’am,” Max smiled. “I work at a nearby restaurant. Would you like to have some coffee while you wait for your son?”

“That would be wonderful,” the woman agreed. Max noticed her difficulty walking and offered assistance, also noticing her worn-out shoes and offering his boots to shield her from the cold.

As the woman sat in the restaurant, Max served her coffee and removed her shoes. “Your shoes are quite worn, ma’am. Allow me to lend you mine.” Touched by his kindness, she shared the story behind her special shoes.

After introductions, Max and the woman, Stella, conversed until her son, Andres, arrived. Although he offered money for his mother’s help, Max declined. The next day, stumbling upon a lottery ticket, Max pondered what to do with it.

“Finding the owner and perhaps losing, I’m uncertain. But let’s give it a chance,” Max decided, taking a risk and heading to the nearest store, hopeful for luck.

Upon checking the serial number, Max nearly exclaimed in surprise. “Wow, you’ve won the lottery! $5,000 is yours! Congratulations!”

“What?” Max exclaimed, wide-eyed. “Is this for real?”

“Of course yes!” – the seller assured him.

After receiving his reward, Max quietly thanked God. But in fact, the lottery ticket he found was deliberately left behind by Andres, the son of the old woman he had helped the day before.

It turned out that it wasn’t even a real lottery ticket! Everything was designed to express gratitude to Max for his kindness towards his mother.

Although Max did not realize how great a deed he had done by lending his boots to a stranger in the cold, Stella and her son truly appreciated his generosity and decided to reward him somehow.

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