A rare medical case: triplets gave birth to more triplets

Triplets were born to Judith Minda. She is from Norway and is 32 years old.

She’s having a hard time, like any mother of three, and wishes
she had two more sets of arms. But unlike every other
mother of three, Judith and her two sisters were all born
on the same day. This makes them her “hands.”

When Judith Minda and her boyfriend Glenn Undheim found out
they were going to have triplets, they were very happy.
Then mother-to-be was excited about this, but
she also knew that having more than one child could be bad for her health.

But the fact that her mother had triplets and went
through the same thing gave her comfort.
And they were loved and cared for by the sisters when
they were young. Also, Judith’s mother started telling
the girls amazing stories from their childhood that they
had never heard before. This gave the woman who would
have the baby hope that things would work out.

Everyone was happy when the babies were born.
The kids’ first birthday party was not too long ago.
Judith doesn’t raise her triplets the same way as her mother did.
For example, she doesn’t let any of the kids be called “triplets”
like she was when she was young.

Mom thinks that each child is different and should only be
called by their name, even if they share a birthday.




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