A single father brings up 8 children according to the rules drawn up by his deceased wife

In 2010, the wife of 56-year-old Ian Millthorpe died of cancer.

Before leaving him alone with 8 children, the woman compiled a set of rules that were supposed to help a single father in this difficult task – parenthood.

Now Ian uses his wife’s 15 rules to help with the upbringing of grandchildren.

These 15 rules dealt with everyday issues: children should not be allowed to bite their nails or watch TV for a long time, the family should have dinner together at the same table, it is worth being stricter with children, you can not give a lot of sweets and others.

In addition to the 15 rules, the woman wrote the birthdays of the children, which the spouse had to learn by heart.

When the children tried to show character or did not want to listen to their father, he brought them a note from their mother, which reminded them of her last wish.

The work of a single father and impeccable adherence to the advice of his wife helped him to raise worthy people from children.

For example, Ella was only 3 years old when her mother died, but she graduated from elementary school with excellent grades.

And when Ian first attended a Christmas play with her participation, he could not hold back tears.

“I was sitting in the hall and listening to my daughter sing beautifully.

At the end of her part, the other parents gave a standing ovation.

And I looked up and cried, how I would like Angie to see what our baby has become,” the man recalls.

Jake and Jade passed their final exams perfectly. Corey and Ella are still at school.

Connor went to college.

Ryan works at the warehouse with Damon and Rhys. The eldest sons moved out from their father, but settled on the next street.

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