“A single father is raising his daughter, and he is assisted by members of the intern group.”

In early 2015, Richard Johnson’s daughter, Persephone, was born. The 21-year-old father was overjoyed. However, a month later, his wife and child unexpectedly left. Soon, the young mother called and said that if Richard didn’t take the baby soon, she would give the baby to a foster family. Richard took the ticket and flew to get his daughter.

Alone with a newborn, Richard worried about being able to care for his daughter on his own. He searched online for parenting advice and found the Facebook group Dad’s Life. He realized he wasn’t alone, and there were other single fathers. Richard shared his story with the group. “I was scared to be a father before my daughter was born, and now I’m a single father and have to play two roles. I wasn’t sure I could handle it,” wrote Richard.

“I read tons of parenting books and watched over 1,000 hours of YouTube videos,

from braiding hair to painting nails to theories on handling common parenting issues,” the young father said. Group members helped Richard build confidence.

Friends now turn to Richard for parenting advice. “My daughter and I have been through a lot, and I am grateful to the members of this page for their support. My daughter and I are happy and growing together,” wrote Richard.

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