A very demanding groom. The 30-year-old Pakistani has a list of requirements for his future wife.

Today we will tell you about a 440-kilogram Pakistani strongman Arbab Heather Hayat (Arbab Khizer Hayat).

He has recently announced his desire to find a wife.

According to the Daily Mail, she must weigh at least 100 kilograms.

However, there are other criteria as well for the future wife.

The 30-year-old Hayat said that over the past few years he had rejected more than 200 girls because they were too thin for him.

The strong man worries that he can crush a potential wife if she is too fragile.

“My parents want me to get married.

They want grandchildren, but I haven’t found a couple yet,” he explained.

In addition to weight, the height of the future wife is also important for a Pakistani.

Since Hayat himself is 198 centimeters tall, he wished to find a companion no lower than 193 centimeters so that they “look good together.”

The strong man expects from his future wife the ability to cook deliciously.

The Pakistani claims that he consumes 10,000 calories a day.

Only for breakfast he eats 36 eggs, and then during the day he absorbs three kilograms of meat, five liters of milk and several bowls of rice.

At the same time, the strongman claims that he has no health problems.

Hayat participates in international competitions of weightlifters and strongmen.

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