“All the friends are delighted with my brother, who has embraced his wife’s children. But they live with our parents; my brother has his own life.”

Currently, our parents are raising my nieces and nephews because my brother is too busy with work to care for his own children. Consequently, my mother resigned from her job to stay home with the kids, who frequently fall ill, and my father is left to handle everything.
My brother doesn’t contribute much financially, and the biological mother pays a modest child support. I can’t comprehend why my brother decided to divorce. His ex-wife, Nadya, is the most decent, modest, and patient person I know. Regardless of his actions and words, she endured everything, even having children with him.

Surprisingly, Nadya decided to divorce, likely because my brother pushed her to the limit. After the divorce, she couldn’t take custody of the children, and my brother, who initially claimed he would take them once he found a rental place, changed his mind. He now brags about having the children, but in reality, he handed them over to our parents. I sometimes have to give money to my parents as they struggle to support the grandchildren, and my brother isn’t very helpful.

I’m furious about the situation my brother created. What should I do? My parents won’t confront him, and Nadya is caught in the middle. My brother even instructed our parents not to let the children see their mother, and they’re afraid to disobey him.
When I bring my nieces and nephews to my place, I let them talk to their mother, but I can’t change the situation drastically. The children are the ones suffering from all of this, and it’s unclear who is right or wrong. What would you advise in this complex family situation?

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