“Although the younger daughter had everything she ever dreamed of, when she found out that I helped her sister with housing, she became unhinged.”

Twenty years ago, I was left alone with two daughters, aged six and four, after my husband’s passing. Fortunately, my mother was there to help and support me through it all. When I made the decision to work abroad for a living, I felt her support, and I left my children with her. This happened about a year and a half after my husband’s death.
Every month, I sent a significant amount of money to my children, keeping only what was absolutely necessary for myself. I would only return home for holidays. Now, my two daughters have grown into adult women with husbands and families. One evening, my younger daughter called me, which surprised me since I was usually the one who called them, but I picked up the phone with joy.

“Mom, how could you?” my daughter yelled into the receiver. “Why did you help buy a house? Let her husband provide for her! You don’t think about me at all! Maybe you love her more than me?”

My daughter hardly made any mistakes. A few days ago, I sent the elder daughter $10,000, half of which went towards the apartment. The other half was contributed by the groom’s parents, and the children were putting something aside themselves. Of course, I wanted to help my daughter move from a rented apartment to her own place, what mother wouldn’t? However, I couldn’t have imagined that would be upset because I helped her sister.

She herself got married to a young man from a wealthy family, whose parents immediately gifted them an apartment. She doesn’t even need to work; her husband provides for everything. Meanwhile, my elder daughter and her husband worked hard to secure a roof over their heads.

I’m amazed by how my younger daughter is behaving; given her condition, they could have found ways to help her sister and her sister’s husband, maybe by finding better jobs. It’s not just about money, but she lacks empathy, both towards me and her older sister. I don’t regret helping my elder daughter

; now I’m confident that she has a home of her own, and she’ll always come to her sister’s aid (I knew this even before buying the apartment). Today, my elder daughter even called me and complained about my younger daughter. demanded that I give her $5,000 or that persuade me to give her $10,000 as well, because everything should be “fair.” How should I react to my daughters’ actions?

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