Amazing story: a 50-year-old woman from the USA became a surrogate mother for five women

American Didi Perry is proud that she has already been a surrogate mother for several times.

She gave the last baby to happy parents shortly before her fiftieth birthday.

“My vocation is to help people become parents”

A resident of Dallas, Texas, USA, successfully raises three children of her own.

Eight years ago, she realized that this was not enough and wanted to help women become mothers, for whom this joy is not available for various reasons.

Surrogacy consists in the fact that a fertilized donor egg is inserted into the uterus of a surrogate mother.

A woman carries a fetus for nine months, but does not have any parental rights to this child.

Didi explains that she always liked being pregnant, and she was also delighted with the process of childbirth.

That is why she did not limit herself to the birth of three native children, but began to offer gestation services to couples suffering from infertility.

At first, the woman wanted to help carry the baby for only one family.

But she was so caught up in the process that she dared to do it several more times.

Didi says that it is impossible to describe the great happiness that she sees on the faces of the parents who took the long-awaited child in their arms for the first time.

The woman emphasizes that she did not pursue mercantile goals, agreeing to become a surrogate.

For her, the main point was the fact that she herself did not need to pay for examinations and pregnancy support, and the rest was a secondary matter.

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