At the age of 8 months she eats like a 10-year-old. The girl that weights 20kg

Chahat’s parents – 23-year-old Seraja and 21–year-old Rina – said that their daughter has an incredible appetite, she eats several times more than her peers.

“She eats all the time. If we don’t give her something to eat, she will cry,” the girl’s mother admits.

And the father complains that many laugh at their daughter, calling her fat, since at the age of 8 months she weights 20kg

Local doctors insist that parents need to review their daughter’s nutrition. In addition, the girl should be sent for a serious examination, because in addition to being overweight, she also has too hard skin, and it is impossible to take a blood test.

“This is the first case that I have seen in my life when a child’s weight increases at such a rate.

But we could not take a blood test because of skin problems

But her weight is being gained very rapidly, it needs to be controlled, because she eats like a 10-year-old child,” doctors say

The publication notes that the girl’s family is trying to find ways to fix the situation, because they want a good future for her.

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