“I was on the train when a mother and her son entered the compartment. I was about to fall asleep when suddenly I heard their conversation. The boy’s sad words still echo in my ears.”
I was just traveling on a night train to when a woman and her
Dennis accepted the girl’s words and she ran away, leaving him with a child, but life had other plans for them.
Denis was on his way home from a business trip, feeling tired and missing
After classes, our neighbor’s daughter got pregnant. We were amazed when we saw her baby for the first time.
My neighbor had an amazing daughter named Vera. She was so obedient and diligent,
The guy entered our compartment and loudly told the girl with the child that it was his lower bunk. What happened next, I will never forget.
Lately, I’ve been hearing that people, especially those with young children, are buying tickets
My child lived abroad for a long time, but when he saw me he didn’t recognize me
My husband and I had been living in what I thought was a happy
“When we returned from our latest vacation, we found a baby cradle with a child near our apartment door. His mother was also there. Upon seeing us, she began to shout…”
When Anna was in the maternity ward, she ran into her classmate. They used
My sister has been married for nearly ten years and has five boys. But she seems to be pregnant again. But this time, there was a huge surprise waiting for us. He came home with four.
I’m pregnant again!” my sister said joyfully. “Why celebrate? You already have five children,”
“When I took my grandson in after the tragedy, my son gave me an ultimatum: either him or the grandson. In the end, I chose my grandson.”
“I remember the day we returned from the maternity ward with our newborn daughter,
“On the seventeenth, Marinka got pregnant by me. We had to live together. We had a daughter, whom I loved very much. But somehow, something bad happened to us.”
I married Marinka impulsively. There was no love between us. One day, I proposed
A lioness was rescued by a man ten years ago, and she still thanks him and never stops hugging him.
For the past ten years, every morning of this fortunate person starts with morning