“When my twins were being born, the midwives were already getting ready to leave, and then I felt a strange push and started…”
I think many people are familiar with the story where a family already has
“I actually came to see my son, and you’re pushing your grandson on me!” yelled my mother-in-law when I wanted to hand her the grandson so she could spend some time with him.
My mother-in-law is a very strange woman. I knew this even before this situation,
“My mother-in-law constantly brought her daughter’s child, even though I had a baby of my own, but one day my nerves couldn’t take it.”
I grew up with my husband in the same yard, we’re almost the same
“Father returned home after a walk with his son, but did not find his wife at home. In the evening, he received a text message from his wife.”
This story happened a long time ago with my friends. The Ivanov family was
“My daughter refuses to acknowledge that I’m different from her twins. So, I’ve decided to teach her a valuable lesson.”
Sonechka got married two years ago. My parents and I chipped in to buy
This child was left alone for a long time, but when his parents found him, everything changed
When I saw two lines on the pregnancy test, my happiness knew no bounds.
“The man evicted me from the apartment upon learning that we were expecting a daughter. However, a huge surprise awaited him in the maternity hospital.”
When I saw the two lines on the test, my happiness knew no bounds.
The father suggested the wife take the child and go, but the unexpected happened
had strange requirements at work – all employees had to be married. He managed
“Uncle, you’re so pretty. Can you marry my dad, please?” said the little boy to the pediatrician, and then came the most interesting part.
She was a young pediatrician who had just completed her training and found work
The new suitor of my mother promised her a luxurious life, but there was one condition: she had to give me up to an orphanage. Here’s what my mother chose.
For me, since childhood, my mom has been an ideal in every sense of