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Wonders of nature: the chicken with a pattern of hearts on feathers gives positive emotions to everyone.
What kind of miracles do not happen in nature. Incredible forests and mountains, the
From 320 kilograms, the girl lost weight to 80. Now she is a real beauty!
In the family of Christina Phillips there were constant quarrels between parents. The girl
The unusual story of the big family. Life is unpredictable
This incredible story happened in Colorado. One day, Miss Page took a boy, and
A 14-year-old girl sewed a graduation dress for her sister. It turned out cooler than from the store
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There are still kind people around us. The neighbors got together and repaired the pensioner’s house
In the state of New Jersey, USA, there is a law according to which
70- year old dream marriage of the happy couple
Family relationships are a lot of work. After all, you always need to be
The baby was rejected by his mom. Here is who managed to save his life
In a zoo in Israel, a young kangaroo gave birth to a baby kangaroo, which was very tiny, less than three centimeters in length. He, as befitted a kangaroo, climbed into his mother‘s purse, where it was warm and comfortable. Most often, babies are to stay there till they are eight months old, however, this baby was unlucky, since his mother refused him and did not feed him, but simply drove him out of the bag. If this had happened in the wild, the baby would not have survived, however, in the zoo he had a chance. Valeria, an employee of the zoo, took custody of the rejected baby.
Noah Wall was born with virtually no brain. How the boy lives after 9 years
9 years ago, a boy named Noah Wall was born in Britain. The way he was born shocked not only doctors, but the whole of Britain. The boy was born practically without a brain. Initially, the doctors asked the parents to terminate the pregnancy, but they refused. “I think if this option had been offered to younger people, they would not have withstood the pressure and terminated the pregnancy. We were already experienced parents, so we knew how to make our own decision. Two daughters had already grown up in the family before Noah appeared. After birth, the boy was diagnosed with Spina bifida, he almost completely lacked a brain, had all 2 percent of the required norm.
Singer Jon Bon Jovi has opened two free restaurants. Now everyone in need can dine there
Many of us know Bon Jovi as a singer from 80s. And not everyone is aware that he is one of the main inspirers of the social project Soul Kitchen. Soul Kitchen is an organization founded by the singer’s foundation. This is a