“Jane sat at the bus stop, not knowing what to do: her beloved had left her. But suddenly, an unknown boy ran up to her, hugged her tightly, and said, ‘Mom.'”
Halyna  had been friends since childhood. Even in kindergarten, they were inseparable. Childhood friendship
“A woman sent a photo of their daughter to her ex-boyfriend. He replied three days later. What she read and saw made her burst into laughter.”
One evening, she logged into a social network and suddenly saw the last name
Anya had firmly decided that if she were to give birth to a child, she would definitely give him up for adoption. Everything changed in an instant when she took her son in her arms.
They were not separated, but they only saw each other once every few months.
We decided to leave our daughter with relatives for a few hours, only we forgot to tell her one important detail about our little one.
This story happened when my granddaughter, , was five years old. She lives with
The girl got pregnant at 17, and the boy disappeared. The parents threatened to send the child to an orphanage. But life had its own plans.
My husband went to take out the stroller while I took our son she
“Everyone was sitting at the table when little Hanim decided to reveal his father’s scary secret and expose him.”
In her old age, found herself in a difficult situation. She didn’t have her
“Everyone in the village unanimously rejected her for abandoning her child, but everything changed in a second
A few days ago,she turned 13, but she was left all alone. None of
Only 30 years later, due to an unfortunate accident, Jack learned the whole truth about her birth. She was stunned by her mother’s words.
was the fourth child in the family. Her parents had three sons and had
“My mother-in-law allowed her pregnant daughter into her apartment and herself moved to live in my husband’s apartment. But what she demands from us doesn’t make any sense to me.”
husband and I each have our own apartments. Mine was a gift from my
Lily’s mother had only visited her daughter and five grandchildren twice before. But when she came to them for the third time, she gasped. In the yard, she saw two cars.
Lily always dreamed of having a large family. Lily and Nastya, her younger sister,