The little savior of our times
On February 14, 2004, a tragedy occurred in the Russian capital — the glass
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When choosing a pet, one need to take into account the fact that you
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Nowadays there are not so many real, desperate heroes. But if someone already commits
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There are people who are willing to risk their lives in order to save
Back to the sky thanks to the wonderful vet
Catherine Apuli is a vet, and lately she had a very exceptional operation. Her
The story of Patchwork, the cat with an unusual marble color
He resembles a miniature black panther dusted with snow. The patch is very beautiful
Heroism of our time – the girl pulled the boy out of an ice pond
This incident happened quite recently, in winter. A ten-year-old boy was walking alone, on
Fishermen met a bear with a jar on its head. They decided to take a chance and help
Everyone knows that you should keep as far away from predatory animals as possible.
American athlete rescued 90 dogs from a meat farm in Korea
Gass is a skier in the free direction. He became known all over the