Count how many people are in this image! Prove you are genius!

Puzzles with challenging scenarios are always popular, and we bring you one of them again!

Here’s an exciting challenge that’s sure to get you thinking.

Does it seem difficult? Not really. But many who feel the pressure after a failed first attempt find it a difficult task.

Remember, practice makes perfect, and in this case, it is important to test your mental abilities and eyesight before claiming victory in mindfulness riddles.

Do you think you can give the correct answer and outperform everyone else? We hope so!

Scroll down and time it!

People with keen eyesight and high IQ often find the correct answer in less than 10 seconds. And you?

Now let’s get to the point. This puzzle asks a seemingly simple question:

How many people do you see? HINT: This puzzle is more difficult than it appears at first glance, so take your time with the answer.

Are you sure of your answer? If yes, scroll down and check if you are right.

Time to find out the final result. We hope you made it through.

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The correct answer is 7 people! Can you find each of them in the image?

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