Even a foal may become a four-legged friend at home

Someone can not walk by a homeless puppy, someone picks up kittens on the street, and Peyton, a high school student, has hosted a real foal in her home. The little one was left by his mother, which made him very weak. The girl found out about this when she came to visit her friend at the farm.

It turned out that there was no one to look after the little donkey, and he could not survive the next night. Then the high school student decided to feed and keep the animal and brought it home. All night, the adoptive mother hugged the animal and fed it with a bottle of milk.

Thanks to care and love, the foal named Jack quickly gained strength and stood on his hooves. Now the colt does tygydyki throughout the house and pleases his mistress.

Jack loves car trips, during which he always takes his pretty face out the window. According to the hostess, the foal behaves like a real dog, which is always ready for walks.

Despite the fact that the foal walks in the garden of the house most of the time, he always comes to sleep in Peyton’s room. Candles, a warm blanket and a TV show are mandatory fluffy rituals at the end of the day. The girl’s family is not against the unusual animal.

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