For the longest time, I had no interest in having children. Currently, I have 8 girls and 3 boys

The woman had given birth to eleven children by the time she was thirty.

But this wasn’t something she and her husband had imagined doing when
they first started a family. Even more so, the guy was not going to procreate.

In the last 15 years, Joseph and Nicole have become close friends and partners.
They were totally on the same page with their future goals,
which included living a peaceful and quiet existence far from any children.
A mistake was made, however, and the couple now has eight girls and three boys.

Joseph was 21 and Nicole was 16 at the time. The girl became a mother
for the first time at such a young age.
It was a girl named Rihannan who was born to the couple.
Today, she turns 14 years old. And infants kept arriving one after another after his birth.

“Being a mom was the best thing that ever happened to me.
It’s so much joy for me to play with my kids.

The more kidsI have, the more love I’ll have in my life since my family has never been close.
More and more, “Nicole rises” is becoming one of my favorite phrases.

Within two years of the first cub’s birth, there were three more girls born,
then twins, and finally four more cubs.

“People always want to know how we handle everything.
No one wants to be thrown into the role of leader of such a vast household.

But even our young children follow a schedule, spending much of their time similarly to their peers.
The answer is that some days are easier than others. “But you never have a dull moment,” Joseph said.

It’s worth noting that despite having children (the youngest of whom is just five months old),
both parents are able to maintain full-time careers.
They both work, with Joseph as a driver and Nicole in sales in her spare time.

Other than the standard child support payments, spouses do not get any additional advantages.
They’ve been able to bond with their children more deeply than
ever before because to the increased time they’ve spent together,
and the solitude hasn’t driven them to the brink of madness.

A woman with many young children needed a system to help her get everything done.
At 6, Nicole wakes up, and in the evening, she covers the breakfast table.

Seven year olds need breakfast, clothing, and transportation
to both preschool and elementary school.

In order to make 12 beds, you will need to set aside 30 minutes.

Nicole does three loads of washing and five rounds of vacuuming every day.
Instead of shopping at a grocery store, she does all of her shopping online.

“Nicole is a superwoman, I have no clue how she accomplishes all that,” Joseph says with a grin.

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