Foxes turn out to like music. An interesting story of a music lover

An American was practicing playing the banjo when a red fox visited him. The animal was so interested in the work that he even returned to listen to him again. The fox listens with pleasure to Andy Thorne playing him guitar, banjo and even violin. The man even wrote a song that he dedicated to the red-haired music lover.

Andy Thorne is a talented multi-instrumentalist musician. He has previously played in many American country bands, but he is now pursuing a solo career. While he is practicing banjo, a red fox runs towards him, much to the musician’s dismay. The fox sat and listened for a while before leaving. When Thorne stopped playing, she approached again to ask for an encore.

Fluffy had already come to the musician when he was playing a song about foxes on a 12-string guitar. According to Thorne, the fox was a source of inspiration and drew attention to his work. The fox responds to my songs all the time. She can be so snobbish – she wants all the songs to be about her. My wife and I even recorded a song about the red fox – he became the best friend of the forties, – he said.

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