How 14 kittens from the street made a girl famous in the Net

13-year-old Lucinda was riding her bike. It was raining. And suddenly five little kittens appeared on the path ahead. The girl thought that the kittens looked very unhappy, and she decided to take them with her. The kittens were so small and cute. Lucinda couldn’t make up her mind to leave them. After all, they looked so confused.

Now she had to take the kittens home somehow. Since it was raining heavily, the girl decided to go home and take a laundry basket to move the kittens in it. When she returned to the same place with the basket, she was very surprised when she saw that several more kittens had joined the five former kittens. Now there were 14 kittens!

At home Lucinda immediately called the vet. The staff advised to bring the kittens to them to be examined. But the vets are quite far away. How can she take the kittens to the center of Melbourne? The girl had a birthday a few days ago, and she got $50. Lucinda used the money to call a taxi. The clinic was full of kittens that needed help.

However, the doctors convinced Ludinda to bring all 14 kittens. When they arrived, all the kittens were examined. Then they got medical care and would be adopted when they have grown up and become stronger. Thanks to the compassion and generosity of the kind girl, all 14 kittens got a chance for a long and happy life. Her example inspired the residents of the area, it appeared in local news and blogs around the world. People even offered to return the money to Lucinda.

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