I shall not return to my own country. What do the children of the young lady whose heart was won by an African seem like

The wife of a Nigerian, Elena Izeala, believes she is the happiest mother of four princesses.
She has lived in Nigeria for seventeen years and is used to her people’s way of life.
In addition, the Belarusian runs a blog in which she discusses all the obstacles,
and over 400,000 people follow her.

In addition, Elena’s husband totally supports her and is ecstatic about her success.

Elena and Don met in Minsk, where Don was studying for his master’s degree. At that time,
the girl was an English instructor and had never considered leaving her own country.
Therefore, when their relationship started, they lived together for
three years in the capital of Belarus.

Later, Don’s company failed, and the pair decided to relocate to the man’s own country
so that he might reach his full potential there. Elena thinks Nigeria made her a new person.
Initially, it was undoubtedly challenging, but the individual eventually adjusts to everything.

Eléna founded her own dance school in Nigeria, and she also sells essential oils.
Four daughters were born to the couple during the course of their married lives.
And only lately have they begun to winter there.

On average, Elena’s page has around 800 postings. In her seventeen years of residence in Nigeria,
she has amassed a wealth of fascinating tales.

Netizens are astonished by the woman’s decision, and she is unwilling to exchange her spouse
for luxuries and a life in her own country.


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