“I was on the train when a mother and her son entered the compartment. I was about to fall asleep when suddenly I heard their conversation. The boy’s sad words still echo in my ears.”

I was just traveling on a night train to when a woman and her son entered the compartment at one of the stations. The woman was dressed in dark clothing and had a somber expression, like a rain cloud. The boy looked to be a little over four years old, not yet old enough for school.
The woman prepared the bed for her son, and as he entered the compartment happily, while she was making his bed, he gazed at the stars through the window and asked his mother sadly, “Mom, why does everyone have a dad here, but mine is in the sky?

Why? I love him so much, and I miss our games. Will he keep collecting stars in the sky for us for a long time? I don’t need those stars, or the moon, or the sun. I want my daddy here.” The young woman choked back tears, tears rolled down her cheeks, and she hugged her little son, saying,

“My sunshine, you see, your dad has flown to the sky. He collects stars for you at night and sends you his kisses with the sunshine during the day. He will always live on a little cloud. But he sees everything from the sky and loves you very much.”
The boy buried his little nose in his mother’s neck, quietly sobbed, and held onto his mother’s shoulders tightly. And then, despite it being November outside, a star began to fall from the sky. The woman immediately showed it to her son, as if to say that it was a sign from his dad to stop being sad. Meanwhile, I lay silently on my other bunk, and cold tears rolled down onto my pillow.

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