If you see the owner of this donkey in the picture, then your vision is just fine.

Today we have another visual puzzle to share. This task will be divided into two parts. Following tradition, let’s begin with the simpler challenge and progress to the more complex one. Your goal is to solve both tasks.

Recall the previous puzzle where you had to locate the donkey in the image. Some commenters noted seeing a pioneer drinking in that picture.

Others speculated that the donkey might have been the one illustrating the boy with the glass and the bottle of sparkling wine.

We kindly request not to criticize the creators of these puzzles, as the customs and values of that era differed significantly from those of today.

Take a look at the picture. You’ll notice a close-up depiction of a donkey. Can you identify the owner of this donkey?

Feel free to share your answers in the comments. This puzzle was designed with a playful spirit, and most participants found it quite manageable.

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