Iris and Abyss, Two White Sisters with Atypical Eyes

In February 2021, Pavel discovered them via an advertisement and fell instantly
in love. He did not want to separate the twins and thus took them two at a time.

Pavel has created an Instagram profile for everybody to enjoy the unique
look of his stuffed animals.

The breathtakingly attractive twin cats Iriss and Abyss are introduced.
Nature gifted these two lovely women with snow-white hair and eyes of various hues.
This condition is known as heterochromia — a relative excess or deficiency of melanin.

Pavel spotted the potential in this and promptly grabbed two twins. These regular
cats’ unusual eye color and white hair are lovely gifts from nature.

On social networks, they assert that Iriss and Abyss are related to the
Turkish Angora despite their lack of racial identity.

The sisters have approximately 200,000 subscribers, a figure that is continually
increasing. Numerous international media have already covered it, and its
popularity increases daily.

Externally, Iriss and Abyss are quite similar, yet their personalities are polar opposites.

The owner said that Iriss is more sociable and instantly fawns when he returns home,
whilst Abyss is apprehensive and acts like a true cat.
They both like posing for photographs.

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