It’s impossible without tears… The forgotten baby only whimpered quietly in a separate box.

Oops, I forgot to feed him! He’s in a separate box, that refusenik, so… “The agitated nurse swore with delight and rushed to the room where a six-month-old boy lay, transferred to the baby house department, where he caught an infection. This marked the beginning of my colleague’s, a young volunteer, encounter with the other side of hospital life. Quiet, somewhat withdrawn, she was not used to sharing personal stories and experiences. But I was fortunate; we started talking, and she told me how she decided to become a mother in the hospital and help unwanted children.

At that time, she was training in one of the children’s services, where there were tiny people – newborns and infants. They lay with their mothers, surrounded by love and care, almost hyperprotection. Always full, clean, cradled. Watchful young mothers, like kites, circled the beds, following every move of the doctor or nurse.
The infants, from the first days of their lives, feeling supported and cared for, already displayed strength of character and let out cries more inviting than uncomfortable, or when they simply wanted to eat.

That’s why they forgot him. The useless and exhausted baby tried to catch the nipple of an empty bottle with his mouth. He didn’t even want to eat, just drink. The temperature was maintained, and all other signs of infection were also present. Dehydrated, in dirty diapers – he didn’t cry but gently whimpered. He didn’t have the strength to cry, as if understanding that no one would rush to help him at his call.

The nurse who came running scolded the innocent baby – fooling around with him in this filth! And the apprentice froze at the door of the box. Millions of tiny needles pierced her body; the cold tiled floor swam under her feet, becoming sticky and stifling. Seen, heard, experienced.

She couldn’t believe what was happening. How could you forget a helpless little patient in need of medical assistance and at least some human support? Just a few kind words and calm touches. Without scolding and without hysteria. Doesn’t he deserve that?

Once all the procedures and manipulations with the children were completed, and the medical staff withdrew to their room, the intern found the courage to talk to the neglectful nurse. But she only silenced her so that she wouldn’t open her mouth again, and especially not speak to the doctors or the new team.

She didn’t do that. But I firmly decided to spend all my free time while the internship was taking place at the hospital, and no one needed the boy.

Over the days, the baby was on the road to recovery, largely thanks to proper care. And a woman came to the discharge, who, in the end, had almost all the adoption documents ready. The doctors did not put up barriers and let her see the boy.

In the end, the story had a happy ending. True, for his 6 months, the child had already suffered enough. I want to believe that now he is well and growing into a happy boy.

And the young intern dedicated her life to the orphans in the hospital. To this day, she gives herself to every little room without leaving a trace. Granted, she has not yet acquired her own family…

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