Love through time: a touching reunion 75 years later

Everyone dreams of finding the soul mate, a real partner with whom it is easy to get through life. Kara Troy Robbins was very lucky: he fell in love with the perfect girl. For some reason, they were destined to part and wait for the next meeting for the next 75 years, but their feelings did not fade … Lovers spoke different languages and sometimes did not even understand each other.

Has anyone ever managed to convey real feelings through words? Emotions, touch and smell can tell you much more about love. Kara lived a bright and interesting life, but all this time he could not rest the memory of the young French woman, whose photo he kept until he was 75 years old. Robbins was convinced that Jeannine had left and did not return, so he did not try to find her.

This is a story that could touch anyone’s heart, so it’s not surprising that the journalists, to whom the 97-year-old veteran told the story, rushed to help. The journalists found Jeannine and arranged a meeting between the two lovers in a retirement home, about 40 km from the place of their first meeting. They recognized each other immediately and kissed to confess their feelings to each other.

Again in different languages, as they had done 75 years before, because Jeannine had never learned English. Robbins showed her an old photograph, the woman did not immediately understand and believed that it was about her. The couple talked for a long time, and when parting, Kara promised that they would definitely meet. We want to believe that he will not change his mind this time.


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