Minus 30 years: the stylist turned a senior woman into an elegant lady

A well—groomed woman is an equally beautiful woman.

The stylist Ruslan is sure of this, who does not get tired of confirming his theory by transforming girls, women and grandmothers.

In addition, the stylist collaborates with the popular Vogue magazine, working with the appearance of popular show business stars.

The stylist has his own Instagram page, where he often posts unrealistic transformations of tired women into real queens.

Today we will show you the transformation of a 60-year-old client.

Ruslan picked up the right makeup for her to hide wrinkles and give her skin a radiant and fresh look.

It turned out great, did not it?

How do you like the result?

The master successfully emphasized the natural beauty of the model, her bottomless eyes and interesting features.

Ruslan also accurately picked up the image of a woman, correctly determining the style of a person by her face.

In our opinion, the woman is simply unrecognizable.

Nobody who does not know her real age will never guess it.

Thanks to the professional transformation from a 60-year-old grandmother, she turned into an interesting lady.

If you trust your appearance, then only to professionals!

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