My wife gave birth to three children and then left them with me and disappeared. She returned after several years and surprised me with her request.

I fell in love with Yarina and married her. Despite my desire to have children, she didn’t want them. It was a miracle when Yarina became pregnant with triplets.
Unfortunately, she abandoned the children at the hospital and ran away, leaving me to raise them on my own. I took care of my children, and we went through everything together. I never remarried and dedicated myself entirely to their upbringing. They are the most important part of my life.

Years later, Yarina showed up at our doorstep. She wanted to come in and talk. We sat down and had a conversation, during which she began to justify herself, saying that she didn’t love me and didn’t want children. Then she asked for money and a place to stay. We refused, and she became angry and filed for child support in court. However, I had long ago terminated her parental rights because she had been absent from the children’s lives for over a year.

The court rejected her lawsuit. I believe we did the right thing by not supporting her. She never cared for the children or participated in their lives, and I had no intention of allowing her to use us now when she faced financial difficulties.
My children and I have always been there for each other, and we will continue to be a family, no matter what happens.

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