Once Sarah found her in an empty house on a dirty floor, she saved the baby. Now look at the girl today!

Sara Conk works as a certified specialist in therapeutic recreation and is 28 years old. She spent some time in Haiti and was able to help many children there, both emotionally and physically.

But one day, a particular incident completely changed her life. At the medical center where she worked, they brought in a little girl who was just three months old. The child was in a very critical condition, suffering from a severe form of hydrocephalus, requiring urgent surgery.

The girl’s name was Nika, and a woman who identified herself as her aunt brought her to the hospital. The surgery went well, and doctors were satisfied with Nika’s progress as she recovered and prepared for discharge. However, there was no one to take her home.

It turned out that the woman who claimed to be Nika’s aunt was, in fact, her biological mother. After leaving her daughter at the hospital, she disappeared, and no one saw her again. Despite the medical center’s efforts to contact her, she refused to take the child back.

Sara managed to speak with the distressed mother and convinced her to take her daughter back, promising to provide financial support and ensuring that Nika’s medical care would always be free. After some time, Sara decided to check on Nika’s well-being and tried contacting her mother, but the calls went unanswered.

In panic, she decided to go directly to their home. What she witnessed there would stay with her forever. She found the little girl lying on the floor amidst trash and debris.

Sara’s worst fears were confirmed: the mother had abandoned the sick child. Without hesitation, she took Nika back to the hospital. Her condition was critical, and doctors couldn’t provide any prognosis. But Sara and Nika fought with all their strength. The transformation the girl went through was incredible.

Six months later, Sara became Nika’s legal guardian. Once all the paperwork was in order, the little girl went to her new home.

Now, Nika is two years old and incredibly happy. She has everything she needs—a loving mother with a big heart, providing her with warmth and care.

This story exemplifies that sometimes a mother is not the one who gives birth to the child; motherhood is a state of the soul.

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