Parents wanted to look at the future son for an ultrasound scan, but he was against it. The couple recognized his character even before birth.

An expectant couple took a 3D scan to see their son, but he was very unhappy with the unexpected photo shoot. The boy eloquently expressed his attitude to everything with an indecent gesture, which, according to his mother, peeped from his father.

Englishmen Jess Johnson and David Lewis from Nantwich, Cheshire are preparing to become parents, so their daily routine is a little diluted with doctor’s appointments and ultrasound examinations. But due to the general quarantine and numerous restrictions, it became difficult for two to visit a regular clinic.

Therefore, Jess and David had to sign up for a paid 4D scan, an ultrasound that allows you to get a three-dimensional image of a child in real time. The final pictures turned out to be a bit different from what future parents expected to see.

The first frames that the couple managed to make out showed their child, who periodically yawned and rubbed his eyes. All this time, Jess and David asked the doctor to take pictures, without holding back tenderness and joy.

It seems that, tired of excessive attention to himself, the boy decided to let his parents know that he had had enough. Due to the impossibility of doing this aloud, he decided to move on to the help of quite eloquent gestures.

We tried to get a couple more photos because it wasn’t enough for us,” Johnson explained. “Five minutes before the end , he decided to give us the middle finger, as if to say, “Enough, mom and dad, leave me alone.”

The son’s behavior briefly puzzled David and Jess, but when they came to their senses and once again reviewed what the child had shown them, both went from shock to laughter. The old woman received the same reaction when she accidentally answered the authorities with the same gesture, however, she failed to get into memes, like a flight attendant.

In addition, the expectant mother suggested that the middle finger from the baby was a hint that the son would become his father.

Dave can be cocky sometimes. I say that he [the child] is like his father in everything, therefore he behaves accordingly. He’s definitely as stubborn as his dad,” Johnson joked.

David was also impressed by his son’s antics.

I laughed when I saw his middle finger in the picture. I was shocked – even the lady who performed the ultrasound could not believe it. I think she took a picture of him on the machine, because she was surprised no less than ours,” he said.

According to the guy, if the baby really inherits his character, then the parents will have to raise a rather difficult child. However, this does not prevent mom and dad from struggling to wait for his birth.

Everyone was surprised in a good way. And how did he manage to pull this off? We can’t wait for him to show up. This will change our lives. It will be amazing,” added David.

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