Please take a moment to appreciate the stunning variety of colors that make up this rare kind of squirrel

John Kaprowski was astounded by the sight of this bizarre and beautiful
creature, a squirrel also known as the “Indian giant” due to
its size and appearance. John, on a trip to India, saw a creature that,
due to its massive size, resembled a monkey more than a squirrel.

Check out these magnificent images of the Malabar Giant Squirrel
to discover that it is remarkable not only for its size
but also for the unusual hue of its fur.

In reality, it’s merely an unusually large squirrel,
almost twice as large as the eastern gray squirrel.

They may be whatever color you choose, from black and brown
to orange and burgundy and purple.
Colors like burgundy and purple are very rare among animals,
adding to their rarity.

These vibrant hues and intricate patterns not only look stunning,
but also aid in camouflage and survival in the wild.

Flowers, fruit, and nuts make up the bulk of their food.
As an additional source of protein, some of them like munching on bugs.

Rarely seen on the ground, Malabar gigantic squirrels prefer
to make their home in the treetops. More than 6 meters is no problem for them.

Thankfully, there is no immediate threat to these lovely creatures,
but we must nevertheless take steps to ensure their survival.

Seeing one of these creatures in the wild is a very remote possibility.
You’ll need to go not just to the southern or eastern parts
of India, but even farther into the jungle.


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