Reasoning and visual acuity to solve: Where is the mug in the photo?

I agree that looking for objects in photography is a very interesting activity, regardless of age, both children and adults and even elderly people can do this business… Let’s go straight to solving our puzzle.

To entertain you and train your visual and spatial perception, we publish an image with a surprise. The slogan is to find the hidden surprise.

Take a look at the photo below and try to discover what is hidden inside them.

Where is the mug in the photo? So there are a lot of hidden objects in this photo, but we need to find the mug…

First, we find objects such as: a paperclip in a book, a boomerang instead of a bull’s horn, and a sock instead of a dog’s ear…

And here is the mug itself, it is turned upside down…

Before seeing the solution, take a few more minutes and try to figure it out. If you decide to see the answer, analyze it and learn from it to solve new games.

Thank you everyone for your participation!!!

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