Rescue of a 3-year-old girl, whom a negligent mother forgot overnight in an overheated car

An unbiased dashcam captured Deputy Sheriff Bill Dunn running quickly but cautiously across the parking lot to a company car, clutching a tiny body to himself. He can’t catch the pulse of the girl, her hot body has gone limp and then the guardian of order turns on the air conditioner at full power. Under the flow of cold air, the child’s eyelashes fluttered and the man presses on the gas, hurrying to get to the hospital. The latest shots are the most impressive -this story shocked Florida.

At the peak of the summer heat, on the morning of June 17th, the Seminole County Police received a call from a certain Casey Keller, who claimed that her car was stolen. Together with the 3-year-old daughter, who was allegedly inside. The woman was confused in her testimony, lost her way, and later admitted that she was suffering from a hangover and could not find her daughter. Yesterday I went to the store with her, for hot drinks, and today there is no car, no child. The application was accepted by Deputy Sheriff Bill Dunn, who first checked the parking lot at Keller’s house, where he found her car. And inside — an unconscious girl.

A negligent mother simply forgot her daughter in a child’s car seat and went to enjoy a drink. The girl spent the whole night and morning in the car heated during the day before Dunn got to her. No movement, no pulse—he honestly admits that he took her for dead. But, being a father himself, I decided to try to save a 3-year-old girl and rushed to the hospital. And the body camera recorded the main points: how he takes the child out of the car, how he rushes through a red light and how at the end, when the doctors said there was no threat to life, he leaves the building. And falls powerlessly on the hood of his car.

A lot of things happened over the next three days. Casey Keller was arrested and presented with a solid list of ads, from abandonment in danger to child abuse. The baby’s father hastily arrived from another state, but did not make a deposit for the mother, but began to draw up documents to keep his daughter for himself. The girl recovered and the doctors allowed Officer Bill Dunn to meet with her. And journalists hurried to make a documentary about the event.

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