She was choosing a puppy to take home for a long time. Her choice later on appeared not to be what she expected

There are often cases when those who want to have a pet do not get exactly what they would like to see when the little one grows up.

That’s what happened to this girl.

She really wanted to have a dog, but approached the choice of breed responsibly.

And she stopped her choice on the Alaskan Malamute and was sure that only he was needed.

She found a breeder from whom she was able to choose a puppy.

She loved the puppy because he was different, he was very restless and curious.

She fell in love with him immediately. She knew she wouldn’t be bored with him.

She simply adored him and did everything to make him comfortable with her.

She gave all the necessary care and her human warmth.

But to her surprise, he grew up at a very fast pace, even for this breed.

And six months later this puppy weighed fifty kilograms.

Which is much larger than his little brothers, as she later found out.

He is already six years old and he has a very impressive and gigantic height, and weighs over seventy.

But he has not lost his enthusiasm and sociability, and sometimes, in a fit of tenderness and joy, he can let his mistress down.

After all, this fragile girl can not always withstand the onslaught of her pet.

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