She weighted 500kg. However, only a very sad event gave her motivation to change everything

Myra Lisbeth Rosales was considered the fattest woman in the world with a weight of almost half a ton.

She saw no problems in her condition, gradually gained weight more and more, ate sweets and fast food.

Until the body started to malfunction.

Myra began to experience constant pain, the weight chained her to the bed, as the muscles could not cope with such loads.

She became a completely helpless hostage of her weight.

And all the care of the woman was taken over by her husband.

But one day something happened that made the woman completely change.

Very close by, Myra’s mother beat up Myra’s little nephew, and she couldn’t do anything.

The woman was put in jail, and the children were transferred to the care of the Rosales family.

But Myra couldn’t even serve herself, let alone take care of the children.

And she decided to do something…

Several teams of doctors and firefighters with the help of a special crane removed the woman from the bed and took her to the hospital.

She had to undergo 11 surgeries and work hard to cope with her kilograms.

And Myra’s perseverance was not in vain – she managed to lose 400 kg and now feels great and looks like an ordinary woman.

Now she eats exclusively healthy food and can spend time with her beloved nephews.

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