Singer Jon Bon Jovi has opened two free restaurants. Now everyone in need can dine there

Many of us know Bon Jovi as a singer from 80sAnd not everyone is aware that he is one of the main inspirers of the social project Soul Kitchen.

Soul Kitchen is an organization founded by the singer’s foundation. This is a restaurant, where there are absolutely no prices. The idea of this institution is that people who are able to pay for themselves pay $20, and those in need can eat absolutely for free, while then helping, for example, in the kitchen, or in the garden where fruits and vegetables grow.

Data from the Soul Kitchen website suggests that 51% of the food given away in the restaurant is funded by donations, and the rest is thanks to volunteer work.

Jon Bon Jovi opened his first such kitchen in his hometown the Red Coast area of New Jersey. And the second one is near the Toms River, in the area that was affected by Hurricane Sandy, it was in 2012. Although this project is charitable, but restaurants offer their visitors exceptionally high-quality food.

There you can try a dishes with mint, grapes, feta cheese and almonds, orange pulp in the form of a vinaigrette or pork with mashed chutney.

The restaurant serves more than 104,000 dishes a year.

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