The amazing story of the cat that thinks she is a husky

There are so many homeless animals in the world who need help.

Today we are going to share an amazing story about how a cat grew up with husky dogs and is now quite sure that it is a husky dog.

One day, a small defenseless kitten was thrown into the street, and she would have died if a woman had not found him. She took her to her house, warmed her up, fattened her up and gave her the name Rosie.

But it turned out that Rosie became an adoptive “sister” for other pets who still lived in the house – these were and still are three husky dogs. So they grew up together as a big family.

Now Rosie the Cat is quite sure that she is… a dog! Now these friends always do everything together. And Rosie introduces herself as a husky. And looking at her temperament, no one is arguing. This is a real dog, and if not outwardly, then in her soul – of course!

They play together, walk together, even sleep together. When the dogs are not at home, Rosie looks forward to their return.

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