The famous quintuplets are preparing to go to first class soon. How they grown up

6 years ago, an American family became popular all over the world, and all thanks to the fact that they had quintuplets!

A daughter was already growing up in the family, she was 4 years old at the time. A reality show began to be filmed about an amazing family, which further fueled interest in them.

Now that the girls are 6 years old, they are preparing to enter the first grade. Each of them is really special. They have different tastes, personalities and food preferences.

On their birthday, the girls asked their parents to offer them different cakes, because each of them likes something different, unique.

The eldest daughter of the family, Blake, has already celebrated her 10th birthday. Despite her age, she knows how to cope perfectly with her sisters, which helps her parents a lot.

Parents themselves are already used to increased attention from people, as well as the fact that they have much more responsibilities and concerns than other average families.

We wish the best to this beautiful family. We are confident that the girls will study very well and will continue to please their parents.

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