The famous septuplets have grown up. How they look and what they do now

An amazing surprise to mom and dad is not when they learn that they are expecting a baby, but when they learn how many of them there will be at once.

When a woman has a little one, she understands how difficult it is to be a mother, and if there are two or more of them, then this is a real heroism. And what do you say about the fact that 24 years ago in one family 7 little ones were born at the same time!

In the McCoy family, 1997 was marked by an incredible event, they had septuplets and so they entered all the pages of newspapers and in all the news.

A year before the birth of the little ones, McCoy had their first daughter. But only Kenny always wanted to have a large and friendly family, so the couple decided on a second conception so soon.

The doctors were only worried that one of the little ones would suffer in the womb or during childbirth, but in the end only two were diagnosed with cerebral palsy. After 24 years, all the little ones please their parents.

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