The fishermen risked their lives to save the animal in danger. Here is how everything started

Two friends went fishing, but they had no idea what it would turn into.

They were on an ice fishing trip on one of the American lakes and it was there that they saw a fawn that urgently needed help.

He was absolutely helpless and could not move, stuck on the ice, which was thin and was about to crack.

However, one of the friends, being a professional firefighter and rescuer, did not hesitate to put his own life at risk in order to save the unfortunate cub.

And, fortunately, his friend filmed this incredible moment on his phone.

Despite the fact that in the pictures it seems to us quite a simple matter, but it was far from the case, since no one could predict the outcome.

The ice was thin and the baby was very scared and could very easily hurt the man and himself.

The fawn could not even stand on his feet from weakness, but the men still could not guess how he would react.

One of them carefully tried to calm him down and lift him in his arms, but just then suddenly the ice floe cracked.

But, fortunately, the fawn behaved calmly and did not interfere with them, so the firefighter swam to the shore with the fawn in his arms.

As soon as they reached the land, the cub recovered for a minute or two and rushed off into the forest.

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