The foster mother of 118 orphans was arrested in China. For fraud

For many years, the media have been writing about an amazing woman who spent millions to adopt more than 100 children and open an orphanage.

In the 90s, Li Lijuan was a millionaire.

She successfully invested in the iron ore industry, so she did not need money.

In 1996, she began to take children from orphanages and establish custody over them.

In 2007, she opened a private shelter “Village of Love”, where adopted children lived.

The media began to actively cover the charitable activities of the Chinese woman, who did not spare millions to make 118 orphans happy.

In 2008, Li lost her main source of income – the mine.

The accumulated savings quickly dried up, and there was not enough state aid to support a shelter and children.

Therefore, the woman began to ask for help from local philanthropists.

Then the woman was diagnosed with lymphoma, but she refused to be treated and said that she had a choice – to feed the children or treat herself.

After such a statement, people from all over the world began to transfer money to her so that she could be cured of cancer and at the same time support 118 adopted children.

The police believe that the woman began to abuse her position and use charity for personal enrichment.

She received money from the state and local charities, and also intimidated local officials.

The police received a complaint about Lijuan.

A local businessman said that a mother with many children demanded 70 thousand yuan from him when he wanted to hold a cable over the shelter.

Later, similar complaints were received from representatives of the local hotel and hospital, from which Lijuan extorted 300 thousand yuan for similar requests.

Law enforcement officials believe that not all the money reached the children.

According to their version, she spent funds from philanthropists and the state for personal needs: the purchase of premium cars, real estate, and some of the funds settled on her personal bank account.

She is also suspected of defrauding the state. As it turned out later, some of the “orphans” for whom the state paid the woman money had parents. Lijuan just used their names for the list.

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