The great plan of the 9-year-old to help the shelter pets. Amazing young man

Some people are conscious from a very young age.

This is their upbringing and innate qualities that manifest themselves for the benefit of society and not only in relation to people, but also to our smaller brothers.

And this story once again shows that even small children are able to make this world much better and kinder.

Last year, 9-year-old boy decided to help the shelter of his hometown.

To provide food for his wards, at least twenty kilograms of cereals and meat are required every day.

How did he help provide food at such a young age?

The boy has the talent of a good young artist and he could sell his paintings to buy a toy or something else, but he exchanges them for food and medicines for animals.

The boy was very worried about the loss of his own pet Badger and after that he felt sorry for all the homeless animals and he wanted to help them somehow.

The boy was supported by his mother and so they organized the charity project “Kind Brushes”.

His mother shares that the scheme was invented by the boy himself, so that no money would be involved there, but only products would be donated and everything would be from pure means and transparent.

He draws custom-made pets based on the owners’ photos.

In exchange, he is given cereals for porridge, medicines and meat.

And the most interesting thing is that he receives orders not only from his country, but also from Europe.

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