The kitten savior. There are still kind people among us

It was in Omsk. One day a girl was walking her dog named Watson. Suddenly the dog froze near the garbage cans, and then began to dig snow. The owner of the dog says that the dog was digging this snowdrift like crazy, and after a few minutes pulled two small kittens out of the resulting pit.

«If it wasn’t for the dog’s sense of smell, most likely, the little kittens would have frozen and no one would have found them. I couldn’t believe that people were capable of such a thing. They were so pale and cold. They didn’t even meow from the cold. They were just starting to come to their senses when Watson started licking them.»

As a result, the girl took them to her home, and took a good care of them. She fed them and they feel great.Now all three pets — two kittens and their savior live together. They are not in danger of parting or being left outdoors. «I didn’t give them to anyone. You understand why,» the woman wrote. This is one of many stories that proves that there are totally different people in this world with completely different attitude towards animals.

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