The kitten was left alone. Here is what happened with him

One evening a resident of Florida, the USA, Michelle, went with her boyfriend to a car restaurant to have dinner. When they arrived at the menu counter, they noticed a small black kitten next to it. The crumb was sitting by the window to order, and apparently very much want to eat. Cars were passing in front of him and no one was paying attention to the little one. But Michelle could not get through. Just by looking at him, she decided to help the kitten.

The girl got out of the car and took the kitten with her: “At first I did not understand what I would do with him later, but I could not leave him there on his own,” the girl says. That day she and her boyfriend took the kitten home and called him Black Bean. Unfortunately, they could not keep the little one with them. But Michelle had an acquaintance who worked at an animal shelter, where the kitten was sent after a while.

Black Bean was very lucky – he met caring people on his way. Thanks to them, he now lives in comfort and enjoys life. Soon they will find owners for the little kitten.

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