The long-awaited princess was born in the family that raised 14 sons

It is difficult to understand how a woman who has only had boys for more than ten years feels. In today’s article we will talk about the Schwandt family from Michigan. The first time journalists began to talk about this family was in 2018, when it became known that the parents had named the fourteenth son.

The second interview of journalists was devoted to the birth of the fifteenth offspring, especially since it was the first daughter in the family. According to the mother of many little ones, she has never been bothered by the fact that they have only boys. The couple began a romantic relationship at school. And by the time of graduation they managed to give birth to three sons. The eldest son is called Taylor, he is 28 years old, he is married, has his own house, dreams of little ones. Taylor likes to joke that if he and his wife have a boy, they don’t worry about him, because the parental home has a full-fledged 0+ wardrobe.

The bride and groom called their only daughter Maggie. The name was prepared a long time ago. Their grandfather loves to tell the story of those Indians who had only sons. They held a special ceremony, and if all was in vain, the local shaman would shout the phrase «Shy boy again» (still a boy). Mom admits that they have eternal disorder and chaos, noise and din in their house. And besides, someone is constantly hungry. But the spouses are quite satisfied with such a life, otherwise they would not have given birth to so many offspring.

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