The most unusual wedding: they exchanged marriage vows at the top of the world – Everest

A couple from America decided to arrange an incredible wedding trip for themselves – extreme climbers spent 3 weeks climbing to exchange rings at the top of the world.

Every couple wants to make their wedding day unique and memorable for a lifetime.

James Sissom and Ashley Schmieder from California did it to the fullest.

After several months of training and 3 weeks of the hardest mountain climbing, they exchanged marriage vows at the top of the world – Everest.

Throughout the journey, the bride and groom were accompanied by a specially hired wedding photographer who filmed their every step.

35-year-old James Sissom and 32-year-old Ashley Schmider have been planning their honeymoon for a whole year.

They had to train a lot to withstand a three-week difficult mountain hike.

The bride and groom dreamed of exchanging rings and marital vows at the base climbing camp on Everest, at an altitude of more than 5000 m.

Extreme athletes did not climb to the very top — this deadly hike requires much more serious preparation.

“We thought for a long time and decided that a traditional wedding is not for us,” says Ashley.

— We warmly treat family and friends, but still, we decided to escape from everyone and arrange an incredible honeymoon.

We both love hiking, went to the mountains to a height of 3000 m.

And that’s why we knew that the three-week journey to the Everest base camp would be harder than anything we had already been through.”

Despite the unusual nature of the ceremony, James in a tuxedo and Ashley in an elegant white dress looked quite traditional for a wedding.

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