The mother allows the baby to wear a ring for the first time and laughs at how the baby reacts to it.

While scrolling through social media, you’ve likely encountered videos capturing people getting engaged, and the recipients of the rings completely losing control. You might even be fortunate enough to have experienced this firsthand.

These videos are always delightful, highlighting the genuine and pure joy of those around us, an experience each of us deserves. However, in the next video featuring a dazzling diamond ring, the recipient happens to be a little too young. The details will make it clear.

During a casual hangout with his mom, this young boy got a taste of the excitement of an engagement when his mom allowed him to wear the sizable imaginary accessory he always pretended to have. Emma’s reaction mirrors those Instagram videos we’ve all seen countless times, making it nearly impossible not to crack a smile.

Similar to a bride-to-be, the little girl covers her mouth in surprise. Can you blame her? Just look at the size of that make-believe gem—it’s the kind of diamond everyone wishes for.

What adds charm is Emma reaching out in front of her, a gesture we all make when we want to inspect something closely. Her reaction is so authentic; it’s like she’s a young actress playfully imitating the essence of an engagement video.

Each time he replays the video, the child’s sense of wonder returns. We get it, little one—shock and admiration etched on your face. Sadly, he has to reluctantly return the “stone” to his mother.

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