The mother carrying plans to have a 16th child after 50 years

Since more than 20 years, Carol Horlock, a 49-year-old British woman,
has provided mother-in-law services to couples without children.
She gave birth to 15 children at that time, just two of them were siens.
Carol wants to retomb pregnant and wear the baby against the doctors’
warnings, but she won’t stop there.

Carol Horlock had been warned that she would likely die if she saw him again
and had come to the conclusion that there wouldn’t be any more, but she has
now changed her mind. Carol has two of her own children and has given
birth to 15 children via 13 spouses.

The fact that she carried and gave birth to more than ten infants increases the
risk of hemorrhages, preeclampsia, and other problems. She said, “The doctors told
me that I didn’t need to get pregnant since I was risking my life.”

The woman said, “People could ask why I’m doing it and think I’m crazy.”
Others believe it is bad to give little gifts. However, in my opinion,
people have become foolish by stumbling over the elastic of falafels.

What could be more wonderful, in my opinion, than bringing into the world little
ones who are so desired and adored? Karol has been living with her partner for
16 years; she has two daughters, Megan, 21, and Stefania, 24; she has also served
as a mother to 15 children. She anticipated expenses for each pregnancy ranging
from £7,000 to £15,000.

Despite the fact that her previous experience with having a baby was “terrifying,”
she feels confident. It was determined that he couldn’t recover naturally, and his
life was saved by a Cesarian and the medical professionals who worked to balance
his horrifying arterial hypertension.

The first nine replacement babies were conceived using her own ovaries, while the
last five were conceived using implants.



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